Education services for non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students

Non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students need to adapt to local lifestyles and cultures, and to integrate into school and community life.
They may encounter challenges in language, communication and learning, and may have diversity in abilities and interests.


They need additional care and support in knowledge and skills about everyday life. Schools can offer support to NCS and newly-arrived children in the following ways: .

-Deepen their understanding of the environment and facilities of the community

-Help them understand local cultures and lifestyles

-Improve their listening and speaking abilities in Cantonese

-help them learn Traditional Chinese characters


The nursery help them build up confdence and self-image. In the classroom environment, the teacher will design different teaching materials, such as picture cards, nursery rhymes, etc., so that non-Chinese speaking children can learn naturally in the daily environment. 


In addition, the teacher will also arrange different social activities for them, such as group discussions, interviews and sharing life experiences, etc., so that non-Chinese speaking children can strengthen language communication in their daily lives and use the communication skills they have learned.