Integrated Progamme in Kindergarten-cum-Child Care Centre Service


To provide training and care for mildly handicapped children to help them integrate into mainstream education and society for the future.

Two special childcare workers are responsible for twelve children with special learning needs, and will provide individual counseling, life training and group learning so that they can grow up happily with other children to achieve the effect of integrated education.


The school has 12 places for mildly handicapped children who are specially appointed by professional childcare workers who are responsible for providing teaching, care and individual learning counseling.


Service elgibility:

* This service is transferred from the central government of the Social Welfare Department. When there are vacancies in our school, the central referral system will refer suitable candidates to our school for services in the order of applicants.

After receiving the case from the central referral system, the school will conduct an interview to assess whether the child is suitable for admission.


Exit Service:

At the end of the three-month trial period, if the child clearly shows that he/she is not suitable for receiving services at this school and is not equipped for this school environment for specific reasons, the school will notify the applicant and the central referral system.

Parents who opt out of the combined service by themselves must notify the school in writing one month in advance.